they mainly trade with japanese firms.
他们主要和日本商行进行贸易 。
for the past five years, we have done a lot of trade with your company.
在过去的五年中,我们与贵公司进行了大量的贸易 。
our trade is conducted on the basis of equality.
我们是在平等的基础上进行贸易 。
there has been a slowdown in the wool trade with you.
和你们的羊毛贸易已有所减少 。
our foreign trade is continuously expanding.
我们的对外贸易不断发展 。
trade in leather has gone up (down) 3%.
皮革贸易上升(下降)了百分之三 。
trade in general is improving.
贸易情况正在好转 。
our company mainly trades in arts and crafts.
我们公司主要经营手工艺品 。
they are well-known in trade circles.
他们在贸易界很有名望 。
we trade with people in all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
我们在平等互利的基础上和各国人民进行贸易 。
to respect the local custom of the buying country is one important aspect of china's foreign policy.
尊重买方国家的风俗习惯是我国贸易政策的一个重要方面 。
our purpose is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you.
我们的目的是和你们探讨一下发展贸易的可能性 。
words and phrases
foreign trade 对外贸易
overseas trade 海外贸易
international trade 国际贸易
to trade with 和...进行贸易
to do business in a moderate way 做生意稳重
to do business in a sincere way 做生意诚恳
to make a deal 做一笔交易
deal 交易,经营,处理,与...交往
to deal in 经营,做生意
to explore the possibilities of 探讨...的可能性
trade circles 贸易界
to handle 经营某商品
to trade in 经营某商品
business scope/frame 经营范围
【BEC商务英语之外贸用语】trading firm/house 贸易行,商行